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Düet Set

Düet Bedbase / Düet Mattress / Düet Headboard

Product Sizes

Mattress h: 29cm (±1)  


Product Details

Düet Mattress

Your duet bed, that design registration belongs to us, offers you real comfort with its extraordinary eye-catching structure and functionality at the same time.

The pocket springs placed in hygienic bags provide sound insulation and allow the springs to take shape according to the weight points of the body without touching each other.

Your duet bed, which provides the environment needed by the body with its functional feature; It offers a healthy and comfortable sleep together with one side being hard and the other soft. The natural cotton knitted fabric used on the surfaces in contact with the body, it absorbs body moisture and ensures that the body temperature remains in balance. You will feel the comfort of sleeping in a new bed every time you change your duet bed.

pocket yay.jpg

Registered Product

It is protected by Turkish Patent with registration number 2020/08141.

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